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  • Vegan Guide to Berlin

    The Vegan Guide to Berlin

    Best Restaurants, Shops, and Events

Berlin is often dubbed the vegan capital of Europe, and for a good reason. With its cosmopolitan flair and open-minded attitude, Berlin is a paradise for plant-based food enthusiasts. From delectable dishes to vegan fashion boutiques and events, Berlin has it all for the conscious traveler. Dive into our comprehensive vegan guide to Berlin and discover the places that will make your heart (and stomach) sing!

Restaurants: Satisfy Your Vegan Cravings

Kopps: Gourmet Dining

Located in Mitte, Kopps offers a high-end vegan dining experience. This elegant restaurant, with its minimalist décor, focuses on locally sourced, organic ingredients. Their innovative dishes, from breakfast to dinner, blend traditional German flavors with global gourmet twists.

Cat Tuong: Vegan Vietnamese

In the Kollwitzkiez area, Cat Tuong is a must-visit for those craving fresh, flavorsome Vietnamese cuisine. Their vegan pho is aromatic and heartwarming, and the Bánh Xèo (crispy pancake) will leave you wanting more.

Brammibal’s Donuts: Vegan Sweet Tooth

Got a craving for something sweet? Brammibal’s Donuts in Maybachufer has you covered. These aren’t just any donuts; they’re hand-made, seasonally inspired, and utterly delicious.

Shops: Vegan Finds and Treasures

Avesu: Vegan Footwear

Looking for sustainable, ethical, yet stylish footwear? Avesu, with several locations around Berlin, specializes in vegan shoes for all occasions. From sporty sneakers to elegant heels, they ensure you walk the vegan walk in style.

DearGoods: Fashion with a Conscience

DearGoods is not just a clothing store; it’s a statement. With a selection of vegan, fair trade, and sustainable fashion items, it’s a haven for those who value ethics as much as aesthetics.

Dr. Pogo: Vegan Supermarket

Skip the label reading at regular supermarkets and head to Dr. Pogo in Neukölln. This all-vegan grocery store stocks everything from fresh produce to vegan cheeses, chocolates, and cosmetics.

Events: Celebrate Veganism in Berlin Style

Vegan Summer Festival Berlin

Every August, Alexanderplatz transforms into a vegan wonderland. The Vegan Summer Festival is a three-day event featuring stalls, live music, workshops, and mouth-watering food. Whether you’re a seasoned vegan or just curious, it’s a joyful celebration of plant-based living.

Veganes Straßenfest Kreuzberg

Kreuzberg’s Vegan Street Festival is a more local affair. With community at its heart, this event showcases vegan products, food trucks, and local vegan initiatives. The vibrant atmosphere is quintessentially Kreuzberg, making it a must-visit.

Vegan Cooking Classes & Workshops

Throughout the year, various venues and vegan chefs in Berlin offer cooking classes and workshops. It’s an excellent opportunity to sharpen your culinary skills and meet fellow vegan enthusiasts. Some popular options include the Vegan Academy Berlin and Plant Base.

Vegan Tips for Traveling in Berlin

Language Help: The word for vegan in German is “vegan” (pronounced veh-gan), making it easy to identify on menus. However, the phrase “Ich bin vegan” (I am vegan) can be handy in restaurants.

Vegan-Friendly Areas: Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg, and Neukölln are some of Berlin’s most vegan-friendly neighborhoods. Wander around, and you’re sure to stumble upon numerous vegan cafes, shops, and restaurants.

Use Apps: Apps like HappyCow can be invaluable in finding the nearest vegan spots, reading reviews, and even finding deals.

Berlin’s Vegan Drinks: Berliners love their craft beers, many of which are vegan. When in doubt, ask the bartender. And if you’re a coffee lover, oat milk lattes are widely available and delicious.

Berlin’s rich tapestry of cultures, flavors, and ideas makes it a hub for vegan innovation. From the culinary wonders of vegan restaurants to the sustainable choices in shopping and entertainment, Berlin ensures that every vegan traveler feels at home. Whether you’re exploring the city’s historic sites, dancing the night away in a club, or relaxing in one of its many parks, there’s always a vegan option nearby. Berlin truly embodies the spirit of the future, making ethical, sustainable, and delicious choices accessible to all.

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