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  • Széchenyi Thermal Bath

    The Best Thermal Baths in Budapest

    A Complete Guide

Nestled in the heart of Central Europe, Hungary’s capital, Budapest, often referred to as the “City of Spas,” is renowned for its thermal baths. For centuries, locals and tourists alike have indulged in the therapeutic waters of these baths, which are believed to have numerous health benefits. This guide offers a comprehensive look into Budapest’s most iconic thermal baths, ensuring that your visit is both memorable and revitalizing.

The History Behind Budapest’s Thermal Baths

Budapest sits atop a rich tapestry of over 100 thermal springs, bequeathing the city with a unique spa culture that dates back to Roman times. The Romans were the first to harness these thermal waters, constructing public baths and establishing the foundation of Budapest as a spa city. Later, during the Ottoman occupation, the Turks introduced their own bath culture, enhancing the city’s spa tradition.

Today, Budapest’s thermal baths are a harmonious blend of ancient Roman, Ottoman, and modern-day Hungarian influences. They offer an immersive experience that stretches beyond mere relaxation, delving deep into history, architecture, and tradition.

Széchenyi Thermal Bath Széchenyi Thermal Bath

Széchenyi Thermal Bath

Location: Állatkerti krt. 9-11, 1146 Hungary


  • Largest medicinal bath in Europe.
  • 18 pools, including three outdoor pools.
  • Neo-baroque architecture.

One of Budapest’s most iconic landmarks, the Széchenyi Thermal Bath is a spectacle of grandeur and relaxation. Located within the City Park, its distinct yellow neo-baroque architecture is both regal and inviting. With a plethora of pools, saunas, and services, this bath is perfect for both first-time visitors and seasoned spa-goers.

Tip: Visit during winter and submerge in the outdoor pools as snowflakes dance around – it’s an otherworldly experience.

Gellért Thermal Bath Gellért Thermal Bath

Gellért Thermal Bath

Location: Kelenhegyi út 4, 1118 Hungary


  • Art Nouveau architecture with intricate mosaic details.
  • A variety of thermal pools, including a wave pool.
  • Stunning views of the Danube River.

Nestled by the Gellért Hill, this thermal bath boasts breathtaking Art Nouveau architecture. The stained glass, intricate mosaics, and sculpted pillars provide a luxurious atmosphere. The waters are known for their healing properties, especially for joint ailments and blood circulation.

Tip: After a relaxing soak, take a hike up the Gellért Hill for panoramic views of Budapest.

Rudas Thermal Bath Rudas Thermal Bath

Rudas Thermal Bath

Location: Döbrentei tér 9, 1013 Hungary


  • A blend of Turkish and modern influences.
  • Stunning dome with colorful glass.
  • Night bathing on weekends.

Rudas Thermal Bath is a masterpiece of Turkish architecture, showcasing a magnificent octagonal pool beneath a dome studded with colorful glass. It offers both male-only, female-only, and mixed days, catering to various preferences. The rooftop pool provides a mesmerizing view of the Danube, making it a top choice for evening relaxation.

Király Thermal Bath Király Thermal Bath

Király Thermal Bath

Location: Fő u. 84, 1027 Hungary


  • Built during the Ottoman era.
  • A more intimate and quieter experience.
  • Unique octagonal main pool.

Constructed during the 16th century under the orders of Ottoman Pasha Sokollu Mustafa, Király oozes historic charm. Though it doesn’t possess the grandeur of Gellért or Széchenyi, it offers a cozier and more intimate environment.

Lukács Thermal Bath Lukács Thermal Bath

Lukács Thermal Bath

Location: Frankel Leó út 25-29, 1023 Hungary


  • Favored by locals.
  • Rich in minerals beneficial for various ailments.
  • Less crowded, offering a peaceful retreat.

Once a favorite amongst writers and artists, Lukács is slightly off the typical tourist path, giving travelers a genuine local experience. The water’s high mineral content is revered for its healing properties, making it popular among those seeking therapeutic benefits.

Dining Around the Baths

Hungarian cuisine is a culinary journey worth exploring. If you’re around Széchenyi, venture to Paprika Vendéglő for traditional dishes. Near Gellért? Búsuló Juhász offers Hungarian delicacies with a contemporary twist.

Budapest’s thermal baths offer more than relaxation; they’re a journey through history, architecture, and culture. Each bath presents a unique experience, from the grandeur of Széchenyi to the historic charm of Király. So, pack your swimsuits and prepare to dive into a world of warmth, healing, and Hungarian tradition.

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