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    Eating Amsterdam

    Must-Try Dutch Delicacies and Where to Find Them

As any seasoned traveler knows, there’s no better way to immerse oneself in a culture than by sampling its local cuisine. And when it comes to Amsterdam, a city of canals, tulips, and vibrant history, the same rule applies. The Dutch capital offers a plethora of authentic treats that will tantalize your taste buds and give you an insight into its culinary traditions. Whether you’re a foodie or just someone looking for a delightful bite, Amsterdam is your oyster—or should we say, your raw herring!

Stroopwafels - The Sweet Embrace of AmsterdamStroopwafels - The Sweet Embrace of Amsterdam

Stroopwafels – The Sweet Embrace of Amsterdam

Imagine two thin waffle cookies held together by a deliciously sticky syrup. That’s a stroopwafel for you! Its history dates back to the late 18th century, in the city of Gouda (yes, where the cheese comes from!). Today, it’s a staple in Dutch patisseries and cafes.

Where to find the best Stroopwafels in Amsterdam:

  • Lanskroon: Located on the picturesque Singel canal, Lanskroon serves up freshly made stroopwafels in various sizes, even offering a chocolate-coated version.
  • Van Wonderen Stroopwafels: Nestled on Kalverstraat, one of Amsterdam’s busiest shopping streets, this shop creates a delightful experience with toppings ranging from chocolate to pecans.
Raw Herring - A Dutch Classic with a TwistRaw Herring - A Dutch Classic with a Twist

Raw Herring – A Dutch Classic with a Twist

While the idea of consuming raw fish may not appeal to everyone, the Dutch herring experience is one you shouldn’t miss. Traditionally eaten with pickles and onions, this fish dish is both flavorsome and filled with omega-3. It’s typically consumed by holding the fish by the tail, tilting your head back, and enjoying a bite.

Where to get the finest Raw Herring in Amsterdam:

  • Haring & Zo: This popular stall located near the Central Station offers some of the freshest herrings in town.
  • Stubbe’s Haring: A favorite among locals, find this herring stand at the intersection of Singel and Haarlemmerstraat.
Bitterballen - The Perfect Pub SnackBitterballen - The Perfect Pub Snack

Bitterballen – The Perfect Pub Snack

Bitterballen are mouthwatering, deep-fried balls filled with a rich roux of beef or veal ragout. Paired perfectly with a cold Dutch beer, these crispy treats are the quintessential Dutch pub snack.

Best spots for Bitterballen in Amsterdam:

  • Café de Klos: An old-fashioned bar with a cozy ambiance, their bitterballen are renowned city-wide.
  • Bourbon Street: If you enjoy live music with your snacks, this is the place to be. The combo of jazz tunes and bitterballen here is unbeatable.
Poffertjes - Fluffy Mini Pancakes Poffertjes - Fluffy Mini Pancakes

Poffertjes – Fluffy Mini Pancakes

Poffertjes might just be the cutest dish on our list! These are small, fluffy pancakes, traditionally served with a generous helping of powdered sugar and a dollop of butter.

Where to indulge in Poffertjes:

  • Poffertjes Albert Cuyp: Found in the famous Albert Cuyp Market, this stall has been serving poffertjes for decades.
  • De Carrousel: Located near the Heineken Experience, this place not only offers delicious poffertjes but also boasts a fun, fairground-themed décor.

Tips for the Culinary Traveler

Check Opening Times: Local eateries, especially those in markets, may have unique opening hours.

Local Recommendations: Always ask locals for their favorite spots; they often know hidden gems!

Eat Seasonally: Some delicacies, like raw herring, are best enjoyed during specific months.

Amsterdam’s culinary world is as diverse and captivating as its canals and museums. From sweet delights to savory classics, the city provides a gastronomic adventure for every palate. As you weave through its cobblestone streets, let your senses guide you. The aroma of fresh stroopwafels, the sight of locals enjoying herring, and the sound of crispy bitterballen will surely beckon. Dive in, take a bite, and embark on a Dutch culinary journey like no other!

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