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  • Best Beaches in Corsica

    Best Beaches in Corsica

    From Secret Coves to Sandy Stretches

Discover the best-kept secrets of Corsica’s coastline as we journey through the most stunning beaches that this French island has to offer.

Corsica, often referred to as the ‘Island of Beauty’, lives up to its name with a tapestry of landscapes, ranging from jagged mountains to pristine shorelines. While Corsica might be known for its rich history and rugged interior, its beaches are what truly set it apart. Each one is a unique gem, with its own character and charm.


Palombaggia – The Picture Perfect Beach

Considered by many as Corsica’s most famous beach, Palombaggia is everything you imagine a Mediterranean beach to be. It boasts fine, soft sand bordered by red granite rocks and backed by verdant pine trees. The clear turquoise waters are shallow, making it perfect for families. And if you’re an active traveler, you’ll love the snorkeling opportunities here.

Santa Giulia

Santa Giulia – The Caribbean of Corsica

Another stunning location, Santa Giulia has an exotic vibe to it. The bay’s shallow waters shimmer in shades of blue and are warmer than many other spots on the island. With watersports rentals available, it’s a haven for both relaxation and adventure.


Rondinara – Nature’s Masterpiece

Halfway between Porto-Vecchio and Bonifacio, Rondinara Beach welcomes you with its perfect crescent shape. The symmetrical beauty is encompassed by two headlands and the beach is popular, but never feels too crowded due to its expansiveness.

Saleccia & Loto corsica

Saleccia & Loto – Corsica’s Untouched Sands

Reachable by a bumpy dirt road or a boat trip, Saleccia and Loto beaches in the Agriates desert are the epitome of unspoilt beauty. Their isolation ensures a serene atmosphere. The white sands and azure waters will leave you in awe.

Calvi & L’Ile Rousse corsica

Calvi & L’Ile Rousse – Sandy Stretches on the Northwestern Coast

The beaches of Calvi and L’Ile Rousse present a contrast to Corsica’s often secluded coves. Expansive stretches of fine sand backed by bustling towns make them perfect for those who want both beach relaxation and urban amenities.

Anse de Roccapina

Anse de Roccapina – Home of the Lion

Anse de Roccapina is not just a beach; it’s an experience. Beyond the sandy shores, you can spot the lion-shaped granite rock formation, from which it gets its name. The place is also known for its secret coves that beckon explorers.

Plage de Bodri

Plage de Bodri – The Secret Cove

Just west of L’Ile Rousse, Plage de Bodri is a pure paradise for those seeking tranquillity. The beach is not easily visible from the road, adding to its secretive allure. Crystal-clear waters and fine white sand make it a favorite among the lucky few who discover it.

Tips for Travelers:

Best Time to Visit: While Corsica is beautiful year-round, the best time for a beach vacation is between May and September.

Getting Around: Consider renting a car to explore the beaches at your own pace. Some of the best spots are tucked away and public transportation might not reach them.

Stay Hydrated: Corsican summers can be scorching. Always carry water, especially if you’re heading to a remote beach.

Respect Nature: Remember to clean up after yourself and avoid disturbing the natural habitats.

Corsica is not just an island; it’s a world of its own. With an ever-changing coastline that shifts from secret, rocky coves to vast sandy stretches, it promises an unforgettable beach experience for every kind of traveler. Whether you’re on a romantic getaway, a solo adventure, or a family vacation, Corsica’s beaches will etch memories in your heart.

So, the next time you dream of sun, sand, and surreal coastlines, let Corsica be your destination. Dive into its blue waters, let the sand trickle through your fingers, and soak in the sun’s warmth, all while being surrounded by the unmatched beauty of this French island gem.

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