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    Berlin Airport Guide

    Your Ultimate Gateway to the Heart of Europe

Welcome to the vibrant city of Berlin, where history, culture, and modernity blend seamlessly. If you’re flying into this bustling metropolis, Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) is your gateway to an unforgettable experience. This comprehensive guide will ensure you navigate the airport with ease, making your arrival or departure as smooth as possible.

Navigating the Terminals

Terminal Overview

BER consists of three main terminals: T1, T2, and T5. Each terminal serves different airlines and destinations.

  • Terminal 1 (T1): The largest and most modern, T1 is the heart of the airport, handling the majority of international flights.
  • Terminal 2 (T2): Often used during peak travel times, T2 is equipped with additional check-in counters and gates.
  • Terminal 5 (T5): Located further from T1 and T2, T5 mainly serves budget airlines and seasonal routes.

Moving Between Terminals

Free shuttle buses connect the terminals, running every 10 minutes. Alternatively, you can walk between T1 and T2, as they’re located within the same building.

Check-In and Security


For a smooth check-in process, arrive at least 2-3 hours before your flight. Each terminal has dedicated check-in counters. Check the airport’s website or your airline’s app for specific counter locations.

Security Checks

BER prides itself on efficient security screening. However, during peak hours, lines can be long. Ensure you have your boarding pass and ID ready, and follow the guidelines for liquids and electronics.

Amenities and Services

Shopping and Dining

BER offers a diverse range of shops and restaurants. From luxury brands to local souvenirs, there’s something for every traveler. The food options cater to various tastes, including traditional German cuisine and international flavors.

Lounges and Relaxation

Several airline lounges provide comfortable spaces to relax before your flight. If you don’t have lounge access, there are quiet zones and seating areas throughout the terminals.

Wi-Fi and Charging Stations

Stay connected with free Wi-Fi available throughout the airport. Charging stations for your devices are also conveniently located in various spots.

Transportation to and from the Airport

Public Transport

The airport is well-connected to Berlin’s public transport network. The Airport Express (FEX) and regional trains (RE7, RB14) offer quick connections to the city center. Additionally, several bus lines serve the airport.

Taxis and Ride-Sharing

Taxis are readily available outside the terminals. Ride-sharing services like Uber also operate in Berlin, offering an alternative to traditional taxis.

Car Rentals

If you prefer driving, numerous car rental agencies have counters at BER. It’s advisable to book in advance, especially during peak travel seasons.

Accommodation Near BER

For early flights or layovers, staying near the airport can be convenient. There are several hotels within a short distance, offering various price ranges and amenities.

Accommodation Near BER

Online Check-In: Save time by checking in online and having your boarding pass ready on your phone.

Airport App: Download the BER app for real-time flight information, terminal maps, and more.

Pack Smart: Familiarize yourself with luggage restrictions and security guidelines to avoid delays.

Exploring Berlin

Once you’ve navigated BER, the wonders of Berlin await. From the iconic Brandenburg Gate to the vibrant art scene, there’s an adventure for every traveler.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Berlin Airport

As you prepare for your journey through Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER), you might have several questions in mind. Here’s a handy FAQ section to address common queries and provide you with helpful answers.

How early should I arrive at Berlin Airport before my flight?

It’s recommended to arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before domestic flights and 3 hours before international flights. This allows ample time for check-in, security checks, and any unexpected delays.

Does Berlin Airport have facilities for families traveling with children?

Yes, BER is equipped with family-friendly facilities. There are designated play areas for children, baby changing rooms, and family lounges to ensure a comfortable experience for families.

Can I find luggage storage facilities at the airport?

Luggage storage facilities are available at Berlin Airport. You can store your bags for a few hours or even days, which is especially useful for travelers on layovers or those who want to explore the city luggage-free.

Is there free Wi-Fi available at BER?

Yes, free Wi-Fi is available throughout the airport. Connect to the airport’s network and enjoy uninterrupted internet access during your time at BER.

What are the transportation options from Berlin Airport to the city center?

There are several transportation options, including the Airport Express (FEX), regional trains (RE7, RB14), buses, taxis, and ride-sharing services. Public transport is efficient and cost-effective, while taxis and ride-sharing offer more convenience.

Are there any lounges accessible to all passengers at BER?

Yes, there are lounges accessible to all passengers, regardless of airline or travel class. These lounges may require a fee or a day pass for access. They offer amenities like comfortable seating, refreshments, and Wi-Fi.

What should I do if my flight is delayed or canceled?

If your flight is delayed or canceled, contact your airline for guidance. They will provide information on rebooking options, accommodations if necessary, and any compensation you may be entitled to.

Are there any hotels inside or near Berlin Airport?

While there are no hotels inside the airport terminals, several hotels are located nearby. These range from budget to luxury options, offering travelers convenience for early flights or layovers.

Can I find vegetarian or vegan food options at the airport?

Yes, BER offers a variety of dining options, including vegetarian and vegan choices. You’ll find cafes and restaurants catering to different dietary preferences.

Is there a currency exchange service at Berlin Airport?

Currency exchange services are available at the airport. You can also find ATMs for cash withdrawals in Euros.

Does the airport offer assistance for passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility?

Yes, BER provides assistance for passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility. It’s recommended to inform your airline in advance to ensure the necessary arrangements are made for your comfort and convenience.

Can I shop for duty-free items at Berlin Airport?

Duty-free shopping is available for passengers traveling outside the European Union. You can find a wide range of products, including cosmetics, perfumes, alcohol, and chocolates.

Are pets allowed at Berlin Airport?

Pets are allowed at the airport, but they must be kept in appropriate carriers. If you’re traveling with a pet, check with your airline for specific regulations and requirements.

Is there a medical center or pharmacy at BER?

A medical center and pharmacy are available at the airport, providing medical assistance and a range of pharmaceutical products.

How can I provide feedback or file a complaint about my experience at BER?

For feedback or complaints, you can contact the airport’s customer service either in person, via their website, or through their official social media channels. Your input is valuable in improving the airport’s services.

Berlin Brandenburg Airport is your gateway to exploring the rich history and dynamic culture of Berlin. With this guide, you’re now equipped to navigate BER with confidence, making your travel experience as enjoyable as possible. Safe travels and enjoy your time in one of Europe’s most captivating cities!

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